What we do

Reactor Systems

Packed bed reactors, fixed bed reactors, cooling systems, heating systems, chemisorption, and physisorption systems.

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Control Systems

Research control systems made with Opto22 components, LabView, or your choice of hardware and software.

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Custom Components

Need a super small heat exchanger or a 3-zone furnace controller? We can make what you need.

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How we do it

We love a challenge. We work in a systematic way starting with theory to ensure that we catch every possible issue that may affect the design of your system or equipment. We also make our systems and equipment flexible so that you aren't locked into a design. Research goals change. Your equipment should be able to as well.


All engineering consultants design, but we approach design from the theoretical standpoint first. When theory isn't available, we have a deep knowledge base of experience.


We fabricate small equipment with < 1/4" tubing using orbital welding. We also build electrical and control panels.


We help you identify thermocouples, pressure measurement, tachometers, and many other sensors that are necessary to ensure high quality data.

Electrical Wiring


Safety is a topic that is often overlooked when designing research equipment. We can guide your safety analysis and help develop safety protocols.


With 2 Ph.D. chemical engineers on the team, we have extensive experience in many chemical engineering processes.


No system is perfect even with the greatest attention to detail during design. We offer skilled troubleshooting to prevent major shutdowns of your system.

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